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Mozilla Firefox 3 Torrent

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This version of Firefox is very old and is not recommended for normal use. If you want to download the standard version of Firefox, click here.

Mozilla Firefox has released a handful of new features to this already excellent web browser.

First of all, the interface in Mozilla Firefox3 is now much easier to customize. This version offers seamless integration with Personas Gallery theme for Mozilla saFirefok that an important Firefox Theme uvbrovser with one mouse click. What’s more, you can try on your browser before you apply them effectively, simply floatsthe name of the theme.

More impressive new features in Mozilla Firefox 3 is a natural support for watching videos in full screen, as they have the HTML5 «video» tag.
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Just right-click the video and select «Fullscreen» mode that sebrovser in Media Player. Also Mozilla Firefox 3 is a new service calledannounced the addition Departure, which helps you check for new updates to its very affordable supplements, especially if you’re as addicted to Mozilla Firefox 3 addons like me!

Regarding efficiency and stability, the new Mozilla Firefox 3, the latest version of the Gecko engine and has improvedJava performance. These two elements Aina designed to obezbedibrži internet search are its weakest point of late. While I have not tested long enough for the final version, I have to say that I used debit and Release Candidate for a while, and I was very satisfied with the answerprogram.

All in all, the new features in Mozilla Firefox 3 can not be so spectacular or other issues, but they offer more mahusaikaranasan users smisluupotrebljivost, customization and performance.

Mozilla Firefox 3 has continued its steady development and adds interesting newfeatures and enhancements in the latest version.



Mozilla Firefox 3

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