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Violation is a tool of science and education in order to help young people learn the key concepts behind programming language.

The idea of ​​improving the algorithm, which allows them to play and to sing the letter my plans completely scratched each other, it is appropriate to do so. Scratchessentially a graphical programming language that is easier than in traditional programming codinglinguarum. Letters sent by the graphics that belong to you are able to put the bed dalamcara dark way.

In addition, you can also dastvori image that moves and choose an animated response to the movementmouse. Or they can add sound effects and music are also quite easy. For some time, he shall take it scratches, Lord, for all the difficulties of any kind, except as the very beginning of the program so vultuscum.

After initially planning to realize its Web Scratchlaman part. TooYou can enter your project to other sites such as Facebook.

You should assume special programs critically foot zero as metal salts nourish their own children.

Scratch 2 Offline

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